Past Events

As you can see from some of our previous programs, HR Policy Network seminars focus on the growing public policy threats that are facing the service industry and discuss ways employers can be proactive in response.

OCTOBER 24, 2019

Background Checks & Drug Screening Update, Substance Abuse & Mental Health in the Hospitality Industry, Regulatory Update: Wage & Hour, HR Tech Trends

MAY 16, 2019

Predictive Scheduling: Legislative Threats and Compliance, Unionization in the Restaurant Industry, Immigration Debate: Current Status and Upcoming Threats, Update on Labor Policy, Update on Federal and State Minimum Wage Threats

MAY 23, 2018

What’s New in Wage and Hour Regulations and Enforcement; Attracting and Retaining Millennial Employees; Sexual Harassment in the Post-Weinstein Era; Fight for $15 and Predictive Scheduling Update; Networking Roundtable

NOVEMBER 2, 2017

Trump Administration Regulatory Update; The Best Team Wins, Building Your Business Through Predictive Hiring; Roundtable on General HR Issues and Policy Issues; Using Assessments to Find the Best Fit Candidates for the Restaurant Industry; The Immigration Compliance Program: Getting Ready For The “ICE” Storm!

MAY 11, 2017

How Employment Law Enforcement has changed in 2017; Newest Challenges in Wage and Hour Enforcement; The Evolving Issue of Gender Identity Discrimination; What’s Next in the Immigration Debate; Ensuring “Inclusion” As a Part of your D&I Policy

NOVEMBER 15, 2016

It’s Finally Over! What the 2016 Election Results Mean for HR; Roundtable on General HR Issues and Policy Issues; The Spread of Predictable Scheduling and Ways to Manage; Labor Policy in the 115th Congress – Who Are the Players?; What’s Next for the ACA?; The Joint Employer Mandate: What does the NLRB Do Next?

MAY 17, 2016

Best Practices in Working with Talent Analytics; Roundtable on General HR Issues and Policy Issues; The ACA 2.0: Compliance and Other Employer Issues; Balancing the Risks of a Mandatory Arbitration Agreement; How Today’s EEOC is Affecting HR Policy; The Final DOL Regulations and Other New Labor Law Issues for the Restaurant Industry

OCTOBER 29, 2015

Strategies to Manage the Threats of “Fight for $15” and Other Labor Activists; Federal Enforcement of LGBT Issues: What All Employers Need to Know; Emerging Trends – and Compliance Issues – in Employee Payroll and Paycards; HR Policy Network Member Roundtable; Overtime Regulations: A Non-Exempt Restaurant Odyssey

APRIL 30, 2015

The Activist NLRB: From Joint Employer to Restaurant Protests and Everything in Between; Panel on Surviving a State Department of Labor Audit; Issue Mash-Up: A Brief Update on Mitigating Risk in Employment Litigation; Complying with Paid Sick Leave Laws (and new Employer Threats)

OCTOBER 23, 2014

Cram Session: Last Minute Preparation for the Affordable Care Act; Preparing for OSHA Enforcement after the NLRB Agreement; Managing – and Preventing – ADA Claims in the Service Industry; SEIU and Their Campaigns against the Service Industry; HR Policy Network Member Roundtable